Valley Fig Growers

Naturally Sustainable


Since the beginning of fig farming in California, fig growers have watched over their land and orchards with an almost spiritual zeal. Many of the original orchards planted during the inception and expansion of the Fresno Fig Garden were on marginal soil. It was a necessity for growers to take very good care of this marginal land to maintain its fertility for future generations.

Fig trees are well suited for marginal soil because they need fewer inputs, including water. In fact, a fig tree will flourish with about one-half the annual water needs of an almond tree. There have been, and continue to be, few herbicides and pesticides used in the production of figs. Many orchards are no till and most growers chip their tree trimmings for mulch or biofuel. Unlike some dried fruits, figs are naturally dried in the sun and not dehydrated in fossil fuel burning mechanical dryers.

 Valley Fig Growers Digester

Valley Fig Growers’ digester demonstrates technologically advanced anaerobic digestion as a cost effective method for treating food  processing wastewater. The digester, dedicated on October 14, 2005, reduces the concentration of the high strength wastewater sent to the City of Fresno’s sewer system, thus  reducing Valley Fig Grower’s wastewater disposal fees.

By reducing wastewater strength 70 to 80 percent with the digester, Valley Fig Growers is freeing up capacity for other users equivalent to  2,500 homes. The digester produces biogas, a clean-burning, renewable fuel that is captured, pressurized, and used in burners providing hot  water to the plant.


Valley Fig Growers On A Greener Path with Solar Panels--See for Yourself!

On December 11, 2013 at 1:30 PM, PG&E turned on the switch at Valley Fig Growers to allow the solar array of photovoltaic panels to start producing electricity to the grid.

According to Gary Jue, President of Valley Fig Growers, "These solar panels are generating nearly 60 percent of our electrical needs and reducing our carbon footprint. Combining the positive impact of the solar panels with the excellent environmental results of our existing process water anaerobic digester, puts Valley Fig Growers on the cutting edge of the sustainability movement. Valley Fig Growers is proud to make this kind of commitment to help our community and our environment,"


Live Solar Monitoring System