Valley Fig Growers

The Year of the Fig

2018 is going to be the sweetest year yet for our California Figs because Firmenich Flavors, the world’s largest privately held fragrance and flavor house, has named fig the flavor of the year due to its growing popularity. One newspaper describes figs as "a hit with foodies, wellness fans, and social media stars" for good reason. Long touted for its culinary versatility along with numerous health benefits, including high fiber and essential minerals of magnesium, manganese, calcium, and potassium. Chris Millington, president of Firmenich Flavors says, "A true feel-good flavor, fig is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, with fig flavored products growing by more than 80 percent between 2012 and 2016." There’s no denying it, figs are part of 2018 food trends. Whether looking to replace processed sugar with an alternative sweetener that’s healthier and authentic, the fig has become an in demand substitute. The fig is having a moment and we’ve pulled together everything you need to know to get started with figs. 




Why Try Dried Figs

Unlike the brief period of fresh figs, our dried Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Figs are available year-round. And, they’re so versatile: check out our simple swaps guide below for ideas of how to incorporate figs into your cooking and baking.

California Mission Figs

Dark purple figs are  one of the most popular varieties of figs around. Their flavor is a deep sweetness that pairs well with red wine or dark chocolate. Mission Figs get their name from the priests at Mission San Diego who originally planted figs in California in 1769. Get on a mission to eat Mission Figs.

California Golden Figs

Golden Figs are slightly nutty-flavored and amber-colored. Comprised of Sierra, Tena, and Calimyrna varietals, our golden figs flavor is reminiscent of caramel or brown sugar.  Taste Golden Figs for yourself.


Why Buy California Figs

Valley Fig Growers opened for business in1959, in the heart of the fertile San Joaquin Valley,  home of our prized California Figs, sold under the brands of Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid. Our grower-owned cooperative will soon be celebrating its 60-year anniversary!

California Figs love the hot, dry summer sun and soil of the Central Valley where fig season starts in May and lasts through October, but we’re pruning trees, preparing the soil and monitoring irrigation all year round.

Our California Figs partially dry on the branches, once they’re fully ripe, and not in a facility. We sort the figs multiple times in our state of the art facility to ensure you receive the best fruit. But don’t take our word; try one of our California Figs for the best dried fig that’s plump, moist, and delicious!



Simple Swaps: Add Flavor & Nutrition to Cooking with California Figs

Did you know by adding California Figs into your cooking, you add not just sweetness but extra nutrition too? These are some of our favorite simple swaps.


How to Start Cooking with Figs

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