Valley Fig Growers

Fig Powder

Fig Powder is a high fiber, free flowing powder derived from figs. It is low in sweetness and is excellent for use as a binding or bulking agent. Flavor is very mild with a fig character.

  • Color: Light to Medium Brown
  • Flavor: Bland
  • Mesh Size: 50 mesh
  • Moisture: Less than 10%

Recommended Storage

  • 40°-55°F., 55% RH maximum
  • maximum 70°F., 55% RH

Composition of Fig Powder 

Nutritional Information per 100 grams

Dietary Component  
Total Calories 220
Carbohydrate 37.5g
Protein .56g
Ash 5.2
Crude Fiber 33.9
Dietary Fiber 63.9
Total Fat 6.1
Calcium 1199mg
Potassium 579mg
Sodium 29.2mg