Valley Fig Growers


Most fig consumers have eaten figs as a snack; many purchasers have also used figs in cooking, either in baked items or in a cooked dish.

Seasonality of Fig Use

Only at holidays 24%
Mostly holidays, but also all year 32%
Throughout the years 44%

Fig Usage

As a snack during the evening 82%
At home between meals as a snack during the day 75%
In baked items, such as pies, cakes, cookies or pastries 54%
As a dessert after meals 61%
As an ingredient in a cooked dish 41%
As an hors d’oeuvre or appetizer when entertaining 28%
In a salad 18%
With a packed lunch for children 14%
As a side dish for a meal, by itself 22%
None of those ways 3%

Where Consumers Expect to find Figs

Produce 85%
Dried Fruits - Grocery 12%
Baking - Grocery 44%
Other 2%

Perception of California Figs versus Imported Figs

California is better 62%
Imported is better 17%
Don’t know/both the same 21%