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Premium California Figs + Fig Ingredients

Count on Blue Ribbon for All Your Fig Needs

In the heart of the California Central Valley, you’ll find the best figs sun-ripening on the tree to harvest perfection. At Valley Fig Growers, our fig-grower owned cooperative is one of the largest handlers of figs in North America. Our customers keep coming back for exceptional figs and fig that make their products shine.

Whether you’re using our whole dried figs or fig products in a commercial kitchen, bakery, brewery, or food manufacturing facility, you can reap the benefits from our premium dried figs. Blue Ribbon Figs and Fig Ingredients are so versatile and contribute flavor and nutrition to whatever you’re cooking up.

Our job is to make your job easier. At Valley Fig Growers, our premium Blue Ribbon Figs and Fig Ingredients are ready-to-use, and available as bulk figs, Figamajigs nuggets, fig concentrate, fig paste, fig puree, and diced / sliced figs. Find the product that works for you or contact us to discuss customization at scale.

Discover the goodness of Blue Ribbon California Dried Figs + Fig Ingredients today.

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