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Prune Syrup Concentrate

Prune Syrup Concentrate is bright and tangy, bringing the health benefits of prunes into a refined sugar-free sweetener. California prunes cook down to a rich thick syrup  that stabilizes flavors in baked goods. Try this dark-colored fruit syrup as a replacement to maple syrup, honey, or molasses. Prune Syrup Concentrate contains 4.36 grams of fiber per 100 grams of concentrate and can be used to boost the fiber nutritional profile as well as deepen the color of your baked goods.  

Great for baking, Prune Syrup Concentrate is a natural preservative in yeast-leavened baked products. Prune Syrup Concentrate has a brix level of 70 Bx minimum. This multi-purpose syrup adds color, strengthens dough, enhances flavor, adds sweetness, anti-staling, and acts as a humectant. Certified kosher.

Sold in 55-gallon drums, available in conventional and organic options. 

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Prune Syrup