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Pizzerias, Go Gourmet with Pizza with Figs

fig naan pizza
Photo by Alonya Lowe

Some pizzas are classics: the Margherita with fresh disks of mozzarella and basil. We would like to suggest that a pizza with figs is an instant classic—and even have a pizza with fig recipe (or a few) to show you the versatility of this fruit on a crust.

You only use the best ingredients in every pizza you make—count on Valley Fig Growers, a fig grower owned cooperative in Central California to supply you with the best Dried California Figs and Fig Ingredients available. Our figs sun-ripen to harvest perfection on the branch and are later packaged and sold under the Blue Ribbon brand to our foodservice and industrial customers.

fig naan pizza
Photo by Alonya Lowe

Many Ways to Dish Up Pizza with Figs

Premium Blue Ribbon California Dried Figs and Fig Ingredients offer a variety of applications for your fig pizza recipe.

Blue Ribbon Mission Bulk Dried Figs (5 lb.)

Bulk Mission Figs brings that familiar fig flavor to a savory pie. Slice and serve them as toppings alongside salty meats on tomato sauced pies.

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bulk golden figs

Bulk Golden Figs add a delicately nutty sweetness that brings nuance. Slice them thin to tile them onto white pies or pickle them and use as a post-bake garnish.

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fig paste

Our Soft 40 Fig Paste goes a different direction and provides the opportunity to layer it on like jam or thin it out for a tomato sauce substitute that would be delicious with salty meat and bold cheese that bakes up bubbly.

Try Fig Paste on Pizza
fig concentrate dripping out of a spoon

A final idea would be using our Fig Concentrate as a final flourish, drizzling it on a meat lover’s pizza or four cheese for a bit of fruity sweetness to round out the rich flavors.

Concentrate on Pizza

Find Inspiration in a Fig Pizza Recipe that Fits Your Customers

Some classic combinations with figs that happen in salads are superb on pizza with figs too. Right off the bat: a blue cheese, mozzarella mix fig pizza with toasted almond slices and hot honey drizzle could be the kind of pizza that swings the way of an appetizer too. Find your favorite fig pizza recipe below to recreate in your restaurant and have customers craving more.