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March Fig Focus
Figs are an essential ingredient in so many cultures. Start the spring holidays, baking traditional breads with the twist of Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Mission Figs and Golden Figs. You’ll find ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, Purim, Easter, and Ramadan below.  Sun-Maid + Orchard Choice Figs Ready-to-use fig ingredients for all your baking needs.___________...
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Are fig bars healthy - a stack of fig bars on a square of parchment on a white surface
Are Fig Bars Healthy
It’s National Nutrition Month and we wanted to demystify your questions about foods with dried figs in them. Today, we’re tackling the question: are fig bars healthy and its cousin, are fig rolls healthy. Fig rolls and bars are the quintessential cookie from childhood. They’re made with cookie dough that bakes up soft and enfolds the figgy filling in the...
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February Fig Focus
Bread Baking with Figs— Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice California Figs —_________________________ Is there anything better on the weekends than a baking project of fresh homemade bread, especially with Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Figs. Mission Figs add the familiar fig taste while Golden Figs bring a more subtle fruit flavor and sweetness. Try them in loaves baked with a slight savory note...
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New Ideas in Figs: 2024 Food Trends before Expo West
You can usually count on a food trends report launching at the beginning of a new year. For those of us who exhibit at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, March 13-16, we see those trends and get to taste them firsthand. Here’s what we will be looking for (and how figs fit into a few of our favorite 2024...
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January Fig Focus
Make Next Week Mediterranean with Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Figs The Mediterranean Diet is yet again in the news and for good reason, it’s built around legumes and whole grains, vegetables, and fruits like Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Figs. If eating healthier is one of your 2024 goals, consider the Mediterranean meal prep recipes for the week ahead. A Week...
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morroccan fish couscous packets with figs in chermoula spice
Mediterranean Diet
If you consider all of the eating styles around the world, you’ve probably heard of or perhaps even participate in the Mediterranean diet. And, for good reason. This eating style is recommended by RDs and nutritionists and centers on whole foods. Learn more about it and find Mediterranean diet breakfast recipes and ideas for every meal of the day below....
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Infographic that says Dried Fig Basics with a photo of a hand on a fig on a cutting board with a bowl of mission figs above it.
How to Prepare Figs: De-Stem
In our dried figs basics, we share techniques for how to cook, bake, and prep your favorite Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice California Dried Figs. Today, we’re going to look at how to prepare figs by de-stemming them. How to De-Stem Figs Sometimes you will see a recipe call for figs to be “stemmed” or ask you to de-stem the figs....
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Bowl of mushrooms, corn, rice, beans, figs, and cherry tomatoes
Vegan Fig Recipes | Veganuary Recipes with Figs
Every January brings with it Veganuary—a month that vegan curious eaters and people interested in going plant-based go vegan. Find inspiration and vegan fig recipes below. Delicious Veganuary recipes for meatless dinners and sides are below. — MAIN DISHES — Veganuary Recipes — SALADS + SOUPS — Vegan Fig Recipes — SIDE DISHES —...
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December Fig Focus
Holiday Baking: Breads with Figs The holidays are here andi it’s almost time to break bread with family and friends. We’ve got ideas for festive breakfast gatherings below, featuring premium Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice California Figs. Premium Fig Ingredients Ready-to-use fig ingredients for all your holiday baking needs.___________...
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Warm Fresh Fig Spread
Fresh Fig Recipes
There is nothing quite like a fresh fig. And while the season is short, every year we make the most of it, eating them plucked off the tree or using them for cooking and baking to maximize their short lifespan and availability window, knowing that we can rely on Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Dried Figs, available year-round. Because fresh figs...
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pancetta dressing
November Fig Focus
So Many Sides for Thanksgiving Some people anticipate Thanksgiving side dishes while others pass the turkey. Find oodles of side dish ideas for your consideration, featuring premium Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Figs, plus tips on timing for what dishes can be made last minute and what can be made-ahead. Prep Ahead Chop and measure ingredients the day before for easy...
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golden figs
Black Figs and White Figs: Learn More
What do you know about black figs and white figs? Learn more about the differences between fig varieties and how California-grown dried figs including black Mission dried figs are preferred over Turkish figs. Premium Dried Figs from California In the lush, fertile Central Valley of California, fig orchards are so plentiful that Fresno, California is known as the Fig Capital...
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