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Fig Benefits & Ideas for Mini Meals

Eating well starts with a single choice of what to eat. By eating just 4 figs a day, you partake in fig benefits. Find ideas for mini meals that are easy or don’t require recipes, incorporating 4 figs in them.

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Adding just 4 figs to your daily eating plan checks a lot of boxes:

  • Power your day with nutrient-rich meals  
  • Snack smart – with nutritious grab-and-go foods
  • Avoid an afternoon slump
  • Cut back on “added” sugars
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Learn More about Dried Fig Benefits + Nutrition

Figs are a powerhouse of nutrition.  Since dried figs contain less water, they are more concentrated in calories, dietary fiber, vitamin and minerals compared to fresh figs.  Find out more about fig benefits.

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Find Ideas for Mini Meals with #4FigsADay

From breakfast to snack time, lunch and beyond, find ideas for eating 4 figs a day.

fig smoothie bowl

Smoothie Bowl

fig breakfast cookies

Breakfast Cookies

fig overnight oats

Overnight Oats

fig protein pancakes

Protein Pancakes

fig hummus

Fig Hummus

fig cheese crackers

Crackers + Cheese

fig tuna salad

Tuna Salad

israeli salad

Israeli Salad

fig olive tapenade

Fig Black Olive Spread

fig protein balls

Protein Balls

fig nutella toast


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Chocolate Bark

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