figs on leaves

Quality Assurance

Allergen and Sensitivity Statement

VALLEY FIG GROWERS is the manufacturer of Blue Ribbon® and Orchard Choice® California Fig brands. All
our products are allergen-free and contain no undeclared ingredients.

We do not handle or process any of the following products: milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, mustard, sesame or soybeans.

Sensitizing chemicals that may be used include sulfites. In the processing of some products, there is use of sulfur dioxide, which is considered a sensitizing agent.

When sensitizing agents are used in any products at VALLEY FIG GROWERS, the agent will be clearly labeled, and these products will be run after products that do not contain sensitizing agents. The lines are also thoroughly cleaned and tested according to our SSOP after running any agent that may be considered an allergen or sensitizing agent.

Continuing Food Guarantee

VALLEY FIG GROWERS (Seller), does hereby warrant and guarantee that all articles of food shipped and delivered to Buyer by Seller shall not be, as of the date of the shipment or delivery of such articles, adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act ("the Act"), as then in effect; and that such articles of food are not articles which the Act prohibits from being introduced into interstate commerce.

It is understood that the guarantee contained herein is given in lieu of all guarantees, specific or implied, within the meaning of any federal, state, or local law, or any regulation or ruling in connection therewith; and that it constitutes the sole guarantee made by the Seller (and the Seller's principals) to the Buyer.

This guarantee is continuing and shall be in effect for all products ordered by Buyer prior to Buyer's receipt of written notice from Seller revoking this guarantee.

Certificate of Origin

This is to confirm that the dried fig products VALLEY FIG GROWERS produces and sells are grown and processed in California, USA according to prescribed standards for safety and quality.

Gluten-Free Statement

VALLEY FIG GROWERS is the manufacturer of Blue Ribbon® and Orchard Choice® brands. All our products are gluten-free and contain no undeclared ingredients.

Our facility does not handle, process or use any products that contain gluten derived from wheat, barley or rye.

Genetically Modified

VALLEY FIG GROWERS is the manufacturer of Blue Ribbon® and Orchard Choice® brands. None of our products are genetically modified (GMO). The fruit VALLEY FIG GROWERS uses is 100% GMO-free. The long-term environmental, health and safety effects of GMO crops are unclear.

Safety Data Sheets

This is to certify that all VALLEY FIG GROWERS products are food ingredients manufactured in compliance with FDA, OSHA and CFR 29 regulations. VALLEY FIG GROWERS’ products do not contain any hazardous substances or preparations and are considered GRAS and as such do not require safety data sheets (SDS).