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Raisin Juice Concentrate

Rich in natural fruity flavor, get to know raisin juice concentrate. The concentrate consists of soluble solids extracted from mature raisins by leaching with water. An anti-staling agent, the raisin juice concentrate also works well as a flavor enhancer and humectant. Think of this amber-colored to dark brown concentrate as a raisin syrup to naturally sweeten and add warm color to your baked goods.

Raisin Juice Benefits

Raisin juice concentrate extends the shelf-life of bread products. This no-sugar added sweetener is a great sugar substitute. It is also a natural preservative and certified Kosher.

The concentrate is extracted to a minimum of 70° brix (70% fruit soluble solids). It also has low microbiological counts and low pH.

Available in the following quantities: 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and 223 gallon. Organic and conventional forms available. Contact us at to purchase.

raisin juice concentrate