Valley Fig Growers

Fig Paste

Custom-made for you by Valley Fig Growers, Blue Ribbon Fig Paste is specially blended to order with one or more varieties (Adriatic, Calimyrna, Mission and Kadota figs) to meet your specification, taste, and color requirements. Because we blend our paste to meet your needs and grind to order, you are always assured of the finest possible product. Blue Ribbon Fig Paste undergoes microscopic analysis by the DFA prior to grinding.

Blue Ribbon Fig Paste may be used to economically add zest and interest to any number of baked goods, sauces, fillings or confections. The end result will be sure to please you and your customers.

Fig Paste Specifications

General Requirements

  • The raw fruit is of food grade in all respects and complies with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic act of 1938 as amended and all applicable regulations thereunder.
  • Blue Ribbon Fig Paste complies with the current “Administrative Rules and Regulations for the Marketing Order for Dried Figs” as amended in the DFA of California Fig Inspection Manual.
  • Verification of grinding stock, lot, grade and sanitation compliance is certified by the DFA prior to grinding. Every lot is so certified.
  • The figs are ground through a grinder with a plate that has inside diameter holes of 5/64” standard with 1/8” maximum.
  • All fig paste is passed through metal detection equipment prior to packaging.

Specific Physical & Chemical Characteristics and Limits

Physical Characteristics:

  • Color: Typical of the specific variety or that of the special blend. Some year-to-year or lot-to-lot variation is normal and is to be expected.
  • Odor: Typical of clean, wholesome, dried figs.
  • Foreign Matter: Free of any substances foreign to the fruit.
  • Insect Fragments: Meets industry standards.

Chemical Characteristics:

  • Moisture: 24% maximum as determined by the DFA moisture meter.
  • SO2: 200 ppm maximum

Packaging and Shipping Specifications

  • Product to be packed in 80 lb. corrugated fiber cases which are lined with polyethylene liner that completely covers the fig paste block when encased in the container.
  • All fig paste cases must carry the following information:
  • Product name or identity.
  • Processor’s name and address.
  • Net weight.
  • DFA Certification Stamp (appears on top of case and provides packing date: First 3 digits, day of year; last digit is year).
  • Lot number appears on one side panel.