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Can you have too much of a good thing? We didn’t think so. Introducing our Buy More, Save More program that helps you save time and rewards you with lower costs as you buy more of your favorite Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Figs.

Why Buy More Figs?

Easy: you save more! Okay, that’s true, but not the only reason.

We have over 500 dried fig recipes on our website showing you how versatile dried figs are, spanning breakfast to main dishes, desserts to holidays and everything in between mealtimes
like cheese plates and tempting snacks.

Not that we are against just opening a bag and eating a few figs too—that’s a power snack!

Ounce per ounce dried figs have as much calcium as milk and more potassium than bananas and don’t get us started on the soluble and insoluble fiber—figs are nutrition powerhouses.

Here’s more good news: our resealable containers keep open containers fresh. Our bagged dried figs boast a 2-year shelf-life, alongside pantry essentials like rice and beans.

The Choice is Simple

When you buy more, you save more. Check out the savings:

Cost per unit when product cost and shipping cost are added, and divided by number of units ordered:
Sun-Maid Golden and Mission Bags
Orchard Choice Resealable Golden and Mission Containers
3 units 6 units 12 units 3 units 6 units 12 units
Los Angeles, CA (90013) $7.56 $6.12 $4.62 $7.75 $5.28 $4.79
Chicago, IL (60606) $8.71 $8.19 $5.70 $8.91 $5.85 $5.87
New York, NY (10007) $8.96 $8.79 $5.99 $9.16 $5.98 $6.16

And the best reason of all is that when you buy Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid Figs, you support the growers of our fig grower owned cooperative in the breadbasket of Central California.

But maybe we haven’t convinced you yet to snack and save? Check out our FAQ or send us your question if you don’t see it answered there. We won’t fig-et about you!

Whether you’re a diehard California Dried Mission Fig fan, or just discovering the goodness of
California Dried Golden Figs, we are the go-to source for fig fans.

Bring a taste of the orchard home today.