Mission Fig Jam Made with Dried Figs

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Mission Fig Jam Made with Dried Figs
Don't wait for fresh fig season to make jam. This fig jam recipe with dried figs is something you can make year-long. Make your own fig jam from dried figs.

There’s no need to wait for fresh figs to make fig jam. Cravings wait for no one and this fig jam recipe with dried figs is the kind of thing to make all year long. Add it to a cheese board. Bring it out with toast at breakfast. Make a batch of the fig jam recipe with dried figs to give as a food gift during the holidays. This is where it gets fun.

Fig Jam from Dried Figs

As fig lovers around the world know, these fruits taste great with such a variety of flavors! The fig jam recipe below is intended to provide a foundation upon which you can make it your own. We like to add enough brandy to make things interesting without tasting boozy. But, if you like oranges, you could swap in Triple Sec (and a few scrapes of orange zest). Port wine is also a natural pairing with dried mission figs.

If you’d prefer not to add alcohol to your batch of jam made with dried figs, no worries there. Water is great on its own, or make things interesting with brewed masala chai to introduce spice notes into the jam.

Speaking of spices, go wild! Add a dash of ground cardamom or cinnamon for warming fall and winter flavors. Or, stick one or two star anise into the jam while it cooks for an exotic note—just remember to fish it out before pulverizing the figs. For those who like heat, try adding in ground ginger, ginger paste, or even a dash of black pepper.

Quick jams don’t require sterilizing glass jars and lids. This fig jam recipe with dried figs also doesn’t require a thermometer. Because the figs are dried, you also don’t have to bother with cooking down the fruit until soft. Instead what you’re aiming for in this fig jam is to essentially make a simple syrup cooking with the fruit. When the sugar has dissolved and your wooden spoon scrapes the bottom of the saucepan without feeling any sugar crystals, you’re basically ready to move on to what makes this jam tick.

fig jam from dried figs in a glass jar

Find Your Favorite Fig Jam Recipe with Dried Figs

Chocolate lovers, get in on our Cocoa Mission Fig Jam—it’s a great indulgent spread for toasts, pancake, and we love it in mini jam tarts too.

Sandwich lovers, try out our Fig Jam with Black Pepper to bring a bit of heat to your typical turkey sandwich.

Cheese lovers, here’s a jam made for your next cheeseboard or grilled cheese. Red Pepper Balsamic Fig Jam adds in a bit of tart, savory, and sweet that is so good with a sharp cheddar.

Everything’s better with bacon, right? Bacon, shallots, and fig are just perfect together in Bacon Fig Jam. It’s like an Instant Pot fig butter that’s savory.

Fig Thyme Jam pairs up incredibly with Brie—we like them in two-bite Brie bites, but they would be great on a cheese plate too.

Mission Fig Jam Made with Dried Figs

Don't wait for fresh fig season to make jam. This fig jam recipe with dried figs is something you can make year-long. Make your own fig jam from dried figs.
Mission Fig Jam Made with Dried Figs
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 32 servings



  • Combine sugar, water, brandy, figs, and lemon juice in a heavy-bottomed saucepan set over medium heat. Cook and stir for 7 minutes or until sugar has dissolved.
  • Strain figs into a food processor, reserving syrup. Process figs with 1/2 cup syrup until smooth.
  • Using a spatula, transfer figs back to the saucepan. Over medium low heat, stir in remaining syrup with a wooden spoon, cooking for 3 minutes or until integrated.
Don't wait for fresh fig season to make jam. This fig jam recipe with dried figs is something you can make year-long. Make your own fig jam from dried figs.

Recipe and photos by Annelies Zijderveld

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34 Comments on “Mission Fig Jam Made with Dried Figs”

  1. If you want to make a large batch I don’t see why you couldn’t pressure can it. If it works for veggies without a preservatives wouldn’t it work for jam or is there something that would come out wrong.

    1. Hi Margaret, it’s a good question you bring up. Since we haven’t tested it in a pressure canner, it’s not one we can advise on, especially since this is a quick jam recipe, not one intended for canning.

  2. 5 stars
    Hi – I just made this -only I didn’t have Triple Sec, so used Cointreau. I reduced sugar to 3/4 cup sugar and it is to die for. Everything else exactly as you suggested and it turned out wonderful. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

    1. Daisy, Try this: Cook the ingredients as directed in the method, using the Saute function of your Instant Pot, but keeping the pot uncovered. Cook for the same amount of time and then transfer to a food processor with the amount of syrup as indicated. Then transfer back to the Instant Pot to cook for the time suggested, uncovered and using the Saute feature. Stir as directed. The beauty of an Instant Pot is in its ability to cook things that take a long time in a shorter amount of time. Since the jam doesn’t take that long, you don’t have to bring the pot to pressure and can leave it uncovered, stirring as you cook.

  3. 5 stars
    Thanks for this recipe ! Used double the figs cut up small, a cup of cut up crystallised ginger, a teaspoon ginger powder, half a cup whiskey and a small bottle a ginger beer, only half a cup sugar since ginger was smothered in it. Juice of a big lemon.
    Turned out amazing flavour, colour and texture. Three small jars.

    1. That sounds like an amazing flavor combination! Thanks for sharing… just wish we could try your jam. We love the idea of the ginger beer to help sweeten it.

  4. 5 stars
    Hi the recipe is great but my husband can’t eat because of the sugar, is there a way to do it without sugar?

  5. Hi, Thanks for this recipe. I just made the jam with figs from our tree that I dried and froze last year.
    Had a little less than 8oz, but stuck with your recipe using 1 tbsp OJ and orange zest along with 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1/2 cup triple sec. Seems good, but the orange is a bit strong for the figs themselves. Will be good as appetizers with cheese or baked with cheese and nuts on a thin crust, but it’s a bit strong to use in plain yogurt. Will try it again without alcohol and thinner OJ. Will post a photo on Facebook. Be well where you are. KMV

    1. K.M. You could also try lemon juice and lemon zest in place of the orange. That citrusy addition really does make the jam sing. Be well also!

  6. If I am wanting to use the jam for a Charcuterie board, can I make it now the event is October 3rd? Or should I have to wait?

    1. Hi Candace- This jam is known as a quick jam which relies on the sugar as a preserving agent. That said, unlike home canned jams that have a longer shelf-life of up to a year, quick jams need to be refrigerated and last 3 weeks to 1 month. Perhaps make the jam next week and you should be okay. Also, don’t miss our dried fig relish with charcuterie board tips.

    1. Hi Daniel— We hear you! Dried Figs concentrate the sweetness of fresh figs. They’re also available all year round, so you’re in luck. Enjoy your figs and when you’re ready for dried figs, we are here for you!

  7. Just made this ! I wonder if it would work to reduce the sugar to maybe half cup. It’s a bit too sweet with the whole cup.
    The first step of the recipe does not say to put the sugar in the pot with the rest of the ingredients. I realized this when it said to cook and stir until sugar is dissolved.

    1. Hi Viola,
      Thanks for your comment. The instructions have been edited. If you try 1/2 cup sugar, let us know how that works. Another thought to try would be to up the amount of lemon juice in the recipe if you find it too sweet. Enjoy the jam!

    1. Great question! The food processor helps chop up the cooked softened dried figs. Here are a few ideas:

      – You could mince the dried figs before cooking them and thus skip the processing step. (You may need to add more liquid while cooking the fruit down? If so, just a splash at a time if needed).
      – You could keep it chunky and skip the processing step.
      – You could try using a blender and pulse to chop the figs.

  8. What is the shelf life of this jam? (This info let’s me know what size batch to make.) Nice looking collection of recipes, thank you.

    1. Hi Kris- Thanks for the question. This is a quick small batch jam, intended for storage in the refrigerator, not the pantry, so shelf-life is about 1 week.

  9. i am looking for a replacement recipe for Orchard Choice fig spread -California orange. I don’t see that you are selling it anymore. I don’t want the liqures in the spread/jam.
    thank you

    1. Hi Cecily- Try swapping in orange juice for the liqueur. Also, a few scrapes of orange zest would also be welcome additions. Happy cooking!

    1. Hi Sheila- Sorry for that oversight. That’s an important ingredient and the recipe has been amended to include the missing element.

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