What do you know about the protein in dried figs? Learn more about protein in figs, great for vegetarian and vegan diets as well as a nutrient-dense ingredient.

Let’s Talk Protein in Dried Figs

We chatter about fat and carbohydrate, but Americans are preoccupied with protein. It’s no surprise - protein is associated with ...
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Carbs can get a bad rap. Learn how many carbs in figs to incorporate them into nutritious eating. Carbs in dried figs offer a host of nutritional benefits.

Carbs in Figs: Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Them

by Melanie Flinn, RD Carbohydrates have a bad reputation and many people are confused on how much to consume, but ...
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Eating well can include heart healthy dessert recipes. This no-bake vegan cheesecake with fig crust and berries is a sweet treat.

Give a Fig about Feeling Good: Heart Healthy Foods List

by Gal Cohen MS, RD Each year, we celebrate American Heart Month in February to help bring awareness to the ...
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