whipped feta cottage cheese and figs
Fig Extract Benefits + Blood Sugar: A Future for Figs & Controlled Sugar Levels?
by Lorelle Del Matto, MS, RDN At Valley Fig Growers, we’re always on the lookout for interesting information and new uses for figs. Recently a research article caught our attention that explored fig extract benefits, namely, how an extract of abscisic acid made from dried figs may provide health benefits (1). The study suggests that this extract may help to...
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Veg Burger with Fig Slaw
Let’s Talk Protein in Dried Figs
We chatter about fat and carbohydrate, but Americans are preoccupied with protein. It’s no surprise – protein is associated with positive outcomes like health, strength and performance. The word “protein” comes from the Greek “proteios” which means “first place.” And, protein in dried figs or protein in figs is something to add to the conversation. Plant protein is a hot...
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carbs in figs graphic
Carbs in Figs: Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Them
by Melanie Flinn, RD Carbohydrates have a bad reputation and many people are confused on how much to consume, but it is more important to focus on the type of carbohydrates rather than the exact amount. The carbs in dried figs are a great choice—let’s find out why and how many carbs in figs are present. What are Carbohydrates? Carbohydrates...
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No Bake Vegan Cheesecake with Fig Crust
Give a Fig about Feeling Good: Heart Healthy Foods List
by Gal Cohen MS, RD Each year, we celebrate American Heart Month in February to help bring awareness to the leading cause of death in both men and women- heart disease. The American Heart Association dedicates a whole month to heart health in hopes of improving people’s overall health by motivating them to adopt healthy lifestyle changes and incorporate more heart healthy...
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