Can Diabetics Eat Dried Figs?

by Mary Ellen Phipps, RDN Have you ever wondered, can diabetics eat dried figs? Year after year, one of the biggest myths in the diabetes world that just will not go away is that people with diabetes can’t eat fruit. And, especially dried fruit. BUT, this is just not true. So, can diabetics eat dried fruit? If you have diabetes … Read More

Figs and Blood Sugar: Get to Know the Glycemic Index of Figs

Knowing the glycemic index of figs helps you understand the correlation between figs and blood sugar. Learn more and find snack ideas.

It’s no secret that fruit, both fresh and frozen, can help provide key nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Dried figs are the perfect snack to incorporate into your diet for their nutritional benefits, but especially for their sweet taste. Learn more about figs and blood sugar, and the glycemic index of figs. California dried figs are a sweet and … Read More