mocha fig lady finger icebox cake
Mocha Lady Finger Icebox Cake with Dried Figs
Summer cookouts outside mean gathering around the grill and while there’s something scintillating about open flame foods, keep your cool with a lady finger icebox cake. What is an Icebox Cake The premise of an icebox cake is simple: whip cream, spread it between layers of cookies and chill. But, of course, we can’t help but jazz it up with...
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almond roll cake with sweet fig paste
Almond Flour Cake with Sweet Fig Paste
An almond roulade is another name for an almond roll cake made with almond flour. Instead of buying the almond flour, you can easily make it at home in your food processor. There’s no flour used, so the roulade is a naturally gluten-free dessert. Try this recipe for your next event and perhaps even as a buche de Noel for...
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