pregnancy superfoods
Why Dried Figs are Superfoods for Pregnancy
by Annie Siegfried, MS, RDN A woman’s body undergoes significant hormonal and physiological changes to help with thedevelopment of the baby and these changes completely alter the way a woman’s body reacts tocertain things. While nutrition and healthy diet never rely on a single food group, food type ornutrient, pregnancy superfoods like dried figs are definitely worth including in your...
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chia pudding with dried fig relish
Chia Pudding with Dried Fig Relish
Chia pudding is loaded with nutrients and keeps you full, and when topped with Sun-Maid or Orchard Choice California Figs, it’s a great breakfast or healthy snack. Our California dried figs are finely chopped along with fresh strawberries for a topping that adds sweetness to this healthy treat. Speckled with chia seeds, strawberry seeds, and “seeds” of figs, this snack...
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