Mocha Lady Finger Icebox Cake with Dried Figs

Summer cookouts outside mean gathering around the grill and while there’s something scintillating about open flame foods, keep your cool with a lady finger icebox cake. What is an Icebox Cake The premise of an icebox cake is simple: whip cream, spread it between layers of cookies and chill. But, of course, we can’t help but jazz it up with … Read More

Chocolate Brie en Croute with Dried Figs

At dessert time, some people have a sweet tooth and others go for a cheese plate. This Brie en croute appeals to both sensibilities or make it for a sweet appetizer. You can also add it as an unexpected addition to a cheeseboard. Orchard Choice or Sun-Maid California Mission Dried Figs pair magically in this baked Brie en croute recipe … Read More

California Fig Chocolate Babka Recipe

Chocolate babka features a ribbon of chocolate and Orchard Choice or Sun-Maid California Figs running through tender bread in a babka recipe that will become a new favorite. Chocolate Babka Recipe Tip Chocolate babka sometimes has one slice of the bread without any filling, but in our book every bite should have filling! Reserve the extra 2 tablespoons of the … Read More

California Fig Swirl Chocolate Buns

The combination of chocolate, Orchard Choice or Sun-Maid California Figs, walnuts and orange zest gives these breakfast buns an unexpected and luscious filling. Top them with an orange glaze and these chocolate buns, once baked, are pretty to look at and full of fruity fig flavor. The dough, akin to brioche dough but easier to make, is a dream to … Read More

Fig Pecan Chocolate Breakfast Cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Why not! These Chocolate Breakfast Cookies are chock full of wholesome ingredients but scooped and baked into cookie shape. Read on more to learn about how to make the breakfast cookie recipe. Fiber Up with Mission Figs Did you know that even just 4 Orchard Choice or Sun-Maid California Figs you get 14% of the daily value … Read More