Dried Figs + Foods Containing Tryptophan

You may be thinking, what is tryptophan?  Or, you’ve heard about foods high in tryptophan such as turkey which is often blamed for the “I need a nap” feeling after a big Thanksgiving feast. Stay tuned for an explanation – after a brief 411 answering the question I asked, and a chart of tryptophan food sources. Tryptophan is one of … Read More

Hot Turkey Sandwich Recipe with Fig Black Pepper Jam

This hot turkey sandwich recipe is an easy upgrade on a classic filling by adding in a fruit jam. Making jam with brown sugar brings a figgy flavor to a sizzling sandwich. Making Jam with Brown Sugar Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Figs add a punch of sweetness with just enough heat from black pepper. Grinding the black pepper … Read More