Black Figs and White Figs: Learn More

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What do you know about black figs and white figs? Learn more about the differences between fig varieties and how California-grown dried figs including black Mission dried figs are preferred over Turkish figs.

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Premium Dried Figs from California

In the lush, fertile Central Valley of California, fig orchards are so plentiful that Fresno, California is known as the Fig Capital of the United States. Here you can find a bounty of Mission fig trees and Golden figs growing. California dried figs have an almost jammy quality to them; they are dried but not desiccated. Dried figs mean that deliciously healthy figs are available all year long.

Bowl of black figs

Black Mission Dried Figs

Mission figs originate in California. The name of this variety of black figs is a nod to the Spanish missionaries who brought them to California in the early 16th century, with priests at Mission San Diego planting figs in 1769. The flavor of black Mission Dried Figs is familiar—it’s the fig essence that can transport you back to childhood and your favorite chewy cookie. That jammy taste of black figs works well with bold ingredients like blue cheese, dark chocolate, red wine, and salty meats. You can find whole figs at grocery stores in our consumer offerings of Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice brands. For wholesale clients, we also carry ready-to-use Blue Ribbon Fig Paste, Blue Ribbon Fig Concentrate, and Blue Ribbon Diced Figs as well.

Bowl of white figs

Golden Figs

Not everyone wants a bold fig flavor every time. Introducing Golden Figs. While black figs might be familiar to many, white figs might better be coined as Golden Figs for their amber / tawny hue. The paler color isn’t the only difference in these figs as the flavor tends to be more delicate, slightly nutty, and a bit tangy too. Try them in recipes that are lighter, to harmoniously match the color. They have the same nutrition profile as Mission Figs and are available in grocery stores under the Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice brands. For our wholesale clients, we offer Blue Ribbon Whole Golden Figs, fig concentrate, fig paste and diced figs too.

Fig orchard and crates of black mission dried figs;

Interested in tasting the California-grown difference? Contact us with questions or shop our online store for figs.

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