Date Paste or Fig Paste — What’s the Difference?

fig paste

Sticky sweet date paste has so many uses. But for some, it can be a bit too sweet. Have you ever considered fig paste as an alternative for date paste, a bulk ingredient you’ll find indispensable.  Read on to learn more and if you’re searching for date paste near me, you’ll be happy to hear we ship fig paste nationally.

dates up close
Dried dates in closeup

Date Paste Comparison to Fig Paste

Blue Ribbon Fig Paste grinds premium California-grown dried figs into paste that can be used as a one-to-one substitute. Compared to date paste, you’ll find fig paste to be more mellow with a stickiness that’s helpful as a binder for products like energy balls or as a filler for sandwich cookie bars, confections, yogurts, cheeses, nutrition bars, and so much more. If pricing is a concern, you’ll find our fig paste offers very competitive, often lower prices, than date paste.

date paste
A jar of healthy date and cocoa paste in a glass jar.

A Variety of Fig Paste Options

Plus, it’s available in a variety of modalities to suit your needs: seeded, de-seeded, or textured. Seeded adds the crunch and sparkle of the dried fruit in the fig paste. The de-seeded option gives you a luscious smooth fig paste, without the seeds and also keeping the health benefits intact. The textured option comes in two forms: soft fig paste or fig slurry. Soft Fig Paste is a scoopable product with a texture reminiscent of peanut butter, using fig concentrate to thin the traditional firmer fig paste ever so slightly so it’s easier to work with. Blue Ribbon Fig Slurry is semi-pourable, made so with Fig concentrate added in for an overall texture similar to fruit jam and easily spread with a spatula.

golden figs

Natural Nutrition Boost

The nutritional panel on fig paste is impressive too. Four dried figs, or a 40-gram serving supplies a hearty 14% daily value of dietary fiber, and also have nutrients of concern: potassium (7% DV), calcium (4% DV), and iron (4% DV).

fig paste

Ready-to-Use Fig Paste for You

Another idea is to mix them: fig and date paste, bulk ingredients that each bring a depth of flavor complexity and work beautifully together.

We work with a wide swath of commercial food-makers, including bakeries, CPG companies, breweries, pizzerias, and more. Think of us as part of your R+D team and instead of searching for date paste near me, let’s find the right fig paste product for your next project.  

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