July 2020 Fig Focus Newsletter

fig fruit jerky
Fruit leather—dehydrator not necessary. This four-ingredient fig fruit jerky can be made in your oven for a do-it-yourself natural fruit roll-up snack

Summer Snacks Start Here:
Dried Fig Fruit Leather

Camping. Road trips. Day trips. Backyard picnics. Field Days. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer and socially distance. Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Figs are the perfect summer snack whether it’s figs right out of the bag or homemade fig fruit leather.

Chocolate cupcakes filled with fig caramel and vegan frosting are not just for special occasions. The vegan caramel is an amazing cupcake filling.

Bake This: Black & White
Fig Caramel Cupcakes

Do you really need a reason to bake cupcakes? They make any day feel like a celebration. These black and white cupcakes from Bronwyn Fraser have a surprise inside: fig caramel! The black and white cupcakes with vegan frosting happen to be vegan. They’re a sweet treat everyone will devour.

Vegan Fudgesicles: Making Popsicles from Smoothies

Fiber Up with Figs in Vegan Fudgesicles

When it’s hot out and you want something cold, reach for a healthy indulgence: Vegan Fudgesicles. With only five ingredients, these homemade popsicles are packed with fiber. Dried figs are a fantastic natural sweetener for smoothies and pops because they’re low in fat, contain complex carbohydrates for a slow assimilation of sugars, and are loaded with dietary fiber to aid digestion. A 100 gram serving of Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Figs contains 10 grams of fiber; more than the same serving of dates, prunes, raisins, and apricots. Dried Figs are loaded with antioxidants and a good amount of essential minerals calcium, iron, potassium, & magnesium to support better health. These fiber-filled treats are the perfect blend of flavor & function.

Join us: The Blender Girl FACEBOOK LIVE makes popsicles

SAVE THE DATE: 07/12 | 6p PST | The Blender Girl Facebook Live

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