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Alice Medrich Vanilla Bean + Chocolate Tart with Fig Compote

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Sometimes you want a big baking project like Alice Medrich’s Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Tart with Fig Compote. If you’re craving a dessert to feed a small crowd outdoors, look no further than Fig Strudel, and for leisurely long weekend mornings, nosh on Double Chocolate Granola with Figs. Download the exclusive e-book with three brand new recipes and get busy baking.

Score Big on Mother’s Day with Fig Scones

Fig Thyme Scones | Bake from Scratch

Fig Thyme Scones

Sink your teeth into these scones by Bake from Scratch. It’s thyme to try walnut, goat cheese scones with our dried figs, drizzled with thyme glaze.

Try a twist on eton mess. This creamy, crunchy dessert features crumbled meringue, whipped cream and a fig curd made of dried mission figs.
Eton Mess Parfait with Fig Curd | Olive & Artisan

Eton Mess Parfait with Fig Curd

Olive & Artisan brings creamy, chewy, crunchy and cold into one dessert (that happens to be gluten-free). Impress with an Eton Mess and Mission Fig Curd.

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