New Ideas in Figs: 2024 Food Trends before Expo West

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You can usually count on a food trends report launching at the beginning of a new year. For those of us who exhibit at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, March 13-16, we see those trends and get to taste them firsthand. Here’s what we will be looking for (and how figs fit into a few of our favorite 2024 food trends). If you’re attending Expo West, visit Valley Fig Growers at Booth 1578.

Two-thirds of grocery shoppers say they want more heat-and-eat vegetables, side dishes, and globally-inspired choices with 64% of people saying they are eating at home more frequently.

Wooden table with slices of fresh figs a tumbler of milky drink and a stainless steel shaker and measuring spoon nearby

photo by Hawthorn Mercantile on Unsplash

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Mocktails, zero-proof spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks continue to climb. According to NCS and the sober curious movement: 41% of Americans are trying to drink less alcohol.

SIP ON THIS: Blue Ribbon Fig Concentrate is a water extract of figs that adds color, flavor, and texture to non-alcoholic drinks, and fig syrup.

photo by Ngân Dương on Pexels

Probiotic Drinks

Probiotic drinks consist of more than just kombucha (though we are definitely fans of booch). Yogurt drinks are well-loved in cultures in the Middle East and India too, known for their probiotic benefits. Other probiotic drinks include kvass, jun, kefir, and water kefirs. Here are a collection of probiotic drinks pulled together by Prevention Magazine. Probiotic foods are part of this trend too!

SIP ON THIS: Diced Figs work beautifully for infusing fig flavor into kombucha for the second fermentation, or the Fig Concentrate is a good addition too for adding fast flavor.

Savory cheese cookies with fig hot pepper jelly

“Swicy” Cookies

Craft to Crumb cites figs as a trending flavor in cookies for 2024. A retail baking trend of flavors and flavor mash-ups of spicy and sweet are ones to keep in mind. Called “swicy,” think hot honey or spicy mango chili.

NOSH ON THIS: Blue Ribbon Dried Fig Paste or Puree is ready-to-use and ready to mix with red chili flakes, honey, and even candied jalapeños, perhaps in a cheesy thumbprint cookie like this one?

Unsplash photo by Ivan Torres

At Home More Often: Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizzas only continue to increase in variety and popularity. Gone are the days of cheese pizzas and pepperoni being the only options in the aisle. Now, you can find Mediterranean vegetable with feta, cauliflower pizza crusts, and BBQ chicken to name a few variations.

BY THE SLICE: Blue Ribbon Diced + Sliced Figs are ready to scatter over the tops of pizzas and Fig Paste is great to dollop, spread and swirl on top of vegetarian pizzas or pizzas with salty meats.

Unsplash photo by Naveed Pervaiz


More than just a cute moniker, cheese is optional on the boards of the moment, where fruit reigns supreme. This is taking TikTok by storm and offers a bevy of possibilities for summer parties as a healthy platter for dessert. Snack boards are another trend and fruit is a popular snack.

NOSH ON THIS: Pile up a platter with Blue Ribbon Diced and Sliced Figs or Whole Figs along with fresh fruits and other dried fruits too for a pretty take on a more robust fruit plate.

photo on Pexels by Noah Ksb

Globally Inspired Flavors: Tamarind+

McCormick Spice is calling tamarind the flavor of the year for 2024, along with tigre de leche, calamansi, sour orange, plum, and pickled and fermented foods. This dovetails nicely into the trend of super spicy condiments that offer a complex heat—sweet-and-sour fruits pair so well with chiles.

NOSH ON THIS: The sweet and sour flavors of tamarind go beautifully with fig, whether that’s in Southeast Asian or Latin American applications.

chocolate dipped figs

Little Treats

#LittleTreats has been a TikTok phenomenon. It champions the idea that you may not have a lot of time or money available, but you can make each day memorable in little ways. We’re going to tie this trend with another one: white chocolate!

NOSH ON THIS: White chocolate dipped whole figs aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. This special confection also makes a great wedding favor, cake decoration, and more.


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