Get the Scoop on Fig Ice Cream

It’s national ice cream month and your favorite fruit is incredibly versatile when it comes to fig ice cream and fig sauce for ice cream. Find a fig ice cream recipe to suit your tastes below. Some of the recipes you’ll find chop up the figs as chewy bites mixed in ice cream. Other times, figs get infused into the … Read More

White Chocolate Fig Ice Cream

Three scoops of white chocolate fig ice cream in a bowl with white chocolate feves and golden figs.

Summers are meant for ice cream. We love dark chocolate with mission figs, but have you ever tried white chocolate with golden figs? The idea of a rich chocolatey fig ice cream was too irresistible not to pursue, so we enlisted the expertise of Alice Medrich for a white chocolate ice cream recipe with spiced candied figs studding each spoonful. … Read More