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It’s national ice cream month and your favorite fruit is incredibly versatile when it comes to fig ice cream and fig sauce for ice cream. Find a fig ice cream recipe to suit your tastes below.

Some of the recipes you’ll find chop up the figs as chewy bites mixed in ice cream. Other times, figs get infused into the cream and yield a smooth consistency that are more subtle.

Figs pair so well with chocolate, so no surprises here—you’ll find several ways in which chocolate and figs team up. Other flavors that match well with figs are spices like cinnamon and ginger, but also coffee and tea like Earl Grey work well too. Sometimes ice cream can swing a little bit savory for a fresh take too with herbs like thyme or rosemary, and balsamic vinegar or red wine. Sometimes cheese gets in on the fun as goat cheese and ricotta mix with figs in ice cream too.

Ice Cream Recipes

White Chocolate Fig Ice Cream

Alice Medrich’s Spiced Fig White Chocolate Ice Cream

Count on chocolate expert, Alice Medrich to make a white chocolate ice cream that will appeal to all kinds of chocolate lovers. Here, the Sun-Maid or Orchard Choice California Dried Golden Figs are infused with warm spices and mixed throughout. This ice cream is just as great in the autumn as in the summer.

Mexican Chocolate Nice Cream with California Figs

Mexican Chocolate Nice Cream

Have you ever made a “nice” cream before? The beauty of this style of frozen confection is that it doesn’t require an ice cream maker—just a blender or food processor. What makes it nice is that it’s made from frozen bananas. This one is rich with cinnamon chocolate and nuggets of Mission Dried Figs.

fig gelato

Creamy Fig Gelato

Do you know the difference between a gelato and ice cream? Ice cream has more air incorporated into it and can be higher in fat—depending on if you’re making a frozen custard-style ice cream or a Philadelphia-style scoop. Gelato typically uses more milk and less cream. This Fig Gelato is silky smooth and infused with fig flavor. You could use Mission Dried Figs, but Golden Dried FIgs are our pick here (and a shoe-in also at the Thanksgiving table too—a scoop of Fig Gelato would be amazing on sweet potato pie or pecan pie).

chocolate no churn fig ice cream

Chocolate No-Churn Fig Ice Cream Cake

The ice cream cake, updated for adult palates. This triple chocolate cake is topped with a white chocolate shell, a figgy vanilla ice cream layer, and then chocolate fudge cake. Over the top? Not at all. Decadent and ready for all birthday celebrations. Definitely.

Fig Sauce for Ice Cream

fig hot fudge

Figgy Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

What is your favorite part of a hot fudge sundae—it’s a trick question, we know—the hot fudge and ice cream cooling and warming each other all matter. Cook’s Country ingeniously brings Mission Dried Figs into the fudge sauce which deepens the chocolatey flavor. This will become your go-to homemade hot fudge sauce.

Sake-Simmered Figs and Cherry Sauce

Sake-Simmered Fig Cherry Sauce

Fruit dessert lovers, we’ve got you covered. Tangy sweet cherries are a perfect flavor partner for Mission Dried Figs in this sauce created by Cook’s Country. Spoon it over vanilla ice cream or even Greek yogurt for a healthier treat.

More Ideas + Fig Ice Cream Recipes

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