January 2021 Fig Focus Newsletter

Nutrition Benefits of Dried Figs grphic
Learn how dried figs fit as fruits for anti-inflammation. RD, Carolyn Williams unpacks them in a diet for and foods for anti-inflammation.

Discover How Dried Figs Fit in a Diet for Anti-Inflammation

Incorporating dried figs into meals and snacks is an easy and delicious way to your boost intake of fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron, but what many don’t realize is that eating figs is also a great way to reduce inflammation and lower disease risks. Thanks to their unique combination of nutrients and bio-active compounds, dried figs are a smart choice—even one of the best choices among dried fruits for anti inflammation. RD, Carolyn Williams writes about how dried figs are part of an anti-inflammatory eating approach.

Smart Starts: California Dried Figs

Nutrition Benefits of Dried Figs grphic
Almond Fig Breakfast Oatmeal Cookie

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