Figs: How to Add Fiber to Smoothie Bowls + Highly Slurpable Snacks

potassium in dried figs

It’s no secret—or is it—that dried figs are a great source of fiber. If you’ve ever been curious about how to add fiber to smoothie bowls or other snacks, dried figs are the answer. Find more ideas of smoothies with figs and resources to learn more about the fiber in figs below.

Ideas to Add Fiber to Smoothie Bowls + Smoothies with Dried Figs

Vegan Energy Smoothie Bowl

This vegan smoothie bowl is the kind of pre-workout snack or post-workout snack filled with fiber that gives you longlasting energy to keep you going strong.

Fig + Banana Smoothie

Bananas team up with apple juice, figs, and yogurt in a smoothie that can help move things along in the morning. Try it as a portable breakfast.

Fiberful Green Smoothie

green smoothie with avocado and dried figs
photo by Annelies Z

Get in your greens first thing. Spinach adds iron, avocado adds a creaminess while Golden Figs bring a delicately nutty sweetness.

Cardamom Fig Lassi

Traditionally, when it comes to a lassi, you might think of a Mango Lassi, but a Golden Fig Lassi is a treat that’s good for your digestion too.

Add Fiber to Smoothie Bowls: Learn More about Fiber

Would you be surprised to learn that one of the fig nutrition topics people are most interested to learn about is fiber? We have a bunch of resources for you to learn more, written by registered dietitians.

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