How to Rehydrate Dried Figs

Dried figs ensure that your favorite fruit is available year round. They’re great as is, but sometimes you want a softer texture or perhaps infusing aromatics into the fruit. But, how to rehydrate dried figs? And is that the same thing as poaching figs? Learn more below.

A saucepan with citrus zest, spices and Golden Figs.

How to Rehydrate Dried Figs

The first thing to know is that the liquid used for rehydrating figs should be hot. This helps penetrate the cellular walls of the fruit. Some recipes will recommend simmering the fruit in the infusing liquid for a short period of time.

Most of the time though, rehydrating figs happens by adding dried figs into hot liquid, set off-heat to steep for a period of time. Here are a few recipes that use the method of rehydrating figs.

Bowl of poached figs in liquid with a white and black napkin and Figlets bag with an orange in the background.

Poaching Figs vs Rehydrating Figs

The biggest difference here is that poaching figs is simmering them for a longer period of time in syrup or wine or another liquid. Here are two recipes that use this particular technique of poaching figs.

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