What to Bake Next: Bread with Figs

Bread with figs is a great way to incorporate your favorite summer fruit into loaves best sliced and eaten while still warm from the oven. With that in mind, here’s a collection of a our most popular fig bread recipes with Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice California Dried Figs for all levels of bakers, assembled in order of difficulty.


We’ve dubbed these bread recipes easy because they don’t require any proofing or yeast. Below you’ll find stir and bake quickbreads, perfect for weeknights or last minute baking when the craving strikes.

Have you tried banana bread with figs? The addition of sweet morsels of figs and crunchy macadamias will make our California Fig Banana Bread a new favorite.

California Fig Banana Bread

Classic banana bread—with a twist—crunchy macadamia nuts and chopped chewy Mission Figs mix come together in a new classic.

Our cranberry quickbread marries decadence & a smart ingredient swap in holiday baking. Bake cranberry orange quickbread for a homemade gift.

Figgy Cranberry Orange Quickbread

When fresh cranberries hit the grocery store, this is the quickbread to make with our Mission Dried Figs. It’s scented with winter spices and sparkles on top with crunchy pearl sugar.


This next collection of fig bread recipes requires yeast but minimal shaping. While they involve proofing time, they only require a little bit of planning.

Rustic Whole Grain Fig + Walnut Rolls

These rustic whole grain rolls incorporate oats, cornmeal, and whole wheat flour into a dinner roll with toasty walnuts and chewy figs inside.

Focaccia recipes bake flatbread to serve in strips as an appetizer or alternative to rolls. Gruyere makes dried fig focaccia perfect for cheese boards.

Fig Focaccia with Gruyere

Focaccia requires planning ahead and making a biga (a pre-ferment). These are the hardest parts of focaccia-baking. It’s a satisfying bread dough that you get to dimple and drizzle on olive oil to achieve the crunchy crust.


These are the breads meant for weekends and baking projects. While they do involve more shaping and making fillings with figs, they will make any occasion special.

Cinnamon star bread on wire rack with Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid Golden Figs on the side in a bowl

Ginger Golden Fig Star Bread

Here’s the ultimate holiday bread—and not just for winter—our star bread is great for July Fourth festivities too. The recipe includes process photos to show you how to shape the dough.

Platter of dark chocolate panettone with figs for Christmas.

Chocolate Fig Panettone

Start a new Christmas tradition with panettone. Rum-infused figs and chocolate fleck this festive bread that takes two days to proof and bake. Could it be the ultimate homemade Christmas gift? Yes!

Chocolate Fig Babka

When you slices into a loaf of fig babka, a zebra-like swirl made of figs and chocolate threads through each slice for a special occasion bake.

Almond Fig Breakfast Braid

This showstopping loaf starts with a sweet, lightly spiced enriched dough that’s then twirled up with a rich, warmly spiced Fig Filling.


So, which of the bread recipes are you going to bake first? Let us know in the comments. See all of our fig bread recipes here.

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