Veggie Fig Kebabs on a grey plate with brown rice
Summer Vegan Recipes for Dinner with Figs
Hot summer days need a different kind of approach to dinner. Summer vegan recipes for dinner should be quick, light, big on flavor, and oven-optional. You’ll love how figs make summer vegan dinner recipes sizzle! Here are some ideas for how to incorporate them into foods you’ll love throughout the season. By focusing on sauces and marinades for summer vegan...
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Bowl of mushrooms, corn, rice, beans, figs, and cherry tomatoes
Vegan Fig Recipes | Veganuary Recipes with Figs
Every January brings with it Veganuary—a month that vegan curious eaters and people interested in going plant-based go vegan. Find inspiration and vegan fig recipes below. Delicious Veganuary recipes for meatless dinners and sides are below. — MAIN DISHES — Veganuary Recipes — SALADS + SOUPS — Vegan Fig Recipes — SIDE DISHES —...
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fruits that give you energy
Fruits that Give You Energy: Vegan Fig Smoothie Bowl
by Anna Rios, RD Fatigue is a common problem that many people struggle with. Energy levels are directly related to dietary habits and nutrition. Eating a balanced diet and including mostly whole foods can help improve energy levels. It’s a different way, perhaps to think about eating: focusing on foods to increase energy and motivation including fruits that give you...
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mushroom veggie taco bowls with figs
Mushroom Veggie Taco Bowls: Figs in a Vegan Lifestyle
by Anna Rios, RD If you eat plant-based and follow a vegan lifestyle, mushroom veggie taco bowl with fig salsa are for you. But maybe aside from the veggie taco bowls, you’re wondering, are figs vegan? Yes! So how do figs fit in a vegan lifestyle? What is Veganism The vegan lifestyle excludes animal products in food, clothes, and just...
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cauliflower tofu tangine with figs
Ideas for What to Cook in a Tagine with Figs
In Moroccan cooking, a tagine is both a cooking vessel and the name of the food created in it. That’s why sometimes you’ll see it called out in a recipe name or menu item. But if you’ve ever seen one you might wonder what do you cook in a tagine? Is the process different and why invest in a tagine...
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broccoli tofu stir fry
Are Figs Vegan?
With a New Year comes a new start and for many that means trying to eat healthier. Some even call January, Veganuary, a month dedicated to eating more vegetables, fruits, and plant-based foods, but are figs vegan? Read on to find out more about vegan figs. If you’ve done a search online you may think you know the answer, but...
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