Vegan Fig Recipes | Veganuary Recipes with Figs

Bowl of mushrooms, corn, rice, beans, figs, and cherry tomatoes

Every January brings with it Veganuary—a month that vegan curious eaters and people interested in going plant-based go vegan. Find inspiration and vegan fig recipes below. Delicious Veganuary recipes for meatless dinners and sides are below.


Tagine full of chickpeas, tofu, figs, and cauliflower
Chile on a plate covered in walnut sauce and filled with nuts and dried fruit.
Bowl of mushrooms, corn, rice, beans, figs, and cherry tomatoes
Dish of tofu broccoli stir-fry
Tacos filled with fig mole mushrooms on a wooden board
Bowl of couscous and vegetable tagine: vegan fig recipes
Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice packages of figs

Veganuary Recipes


Veganuary recipes: fig fennel salad on a yellow plate
Chopped veggie salad in a bowl is one of our vegan fig recipes
bowl of white beans, red pepper, and figs
Veganuary recipes: acorn squash soup

Vegan Fig Recipes


serving dish of broccoli rabe with pine nuts and figs and a bowl of pine nuts
Veganuary recipes: serving plate of wild rice dressing with figs and a spoon
platter of cauliflower in chermoula sauce with figs
Veganuary recipes: bowl of couscous with pistachios and figs
Vegan fig recipes: bowl of riced cauliflower topped with pomegranate arils and figs

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