Ideas for What to Cook in a Tagine with Figs

cauliflower tofu tangine with figs

In Moroccan cooking, a tagine is both a cooking vessel and the name of the food created in it. That’s why sometimes you’ll see it called out in a recipe name or menu item. But if you’ve ever seen one you might wonder what do you cook in a tagine? Is the process different and why invest in a tagine if you can do low and slow cooking in other vessels like a Dutch oven. We are here to shed some light (and ideas) for what to cook in a tagine.

cauliflower tofu tangine with figs

Tagine 101

As a cooking vessel, it has an unforgettable shape. The lid resembles a clown hat and the shape of that lid is pivotal to tagine cooking as it circulates the air, steaming the food inside. Cooking over low and slow heat in the oven is the way to go… or was until we discovered the Emile Henry tagine which can be used on a stovetop over medium low heat or in the oven too. Their tagine needs to be seasoned with milk before cooking in it. We really liked how the food inside stays tender but not mushy or falling apart. You can certainly use an oven-safe vessel like a Dutch oven or cast-iron skillet for even cooking.

We teamed up with Emile Henry, Hodo Foods, and Lotus Foods to bring you several vegan tagine options and you’ll find one below made with chicken, so what do you cook in a tagine first?

Fig Tofu Tagine

Trying to eat more plant-based or do you vegan year-round? We teamed up with Hodo Foods and use their firm tofu as the plant-based protein for this entree. Infusing the Golden Figs with spices takes the flavor deep into them. Cauliflower completes this dish that is delicious over Lotus Foods organic brown rice.

hodo fig mapo tofu

Figgy Mapo Tofu

This dish is saucy, spicy, and just sweet enough from the figs! My Sweet Vegan has created a vegan main dish that’s great for winter because it warms you up from the inside out. Serve it over steamed rice.

tofu tagine

Vegetable Fig Tagine

Zucchini, carrots, and a spicy broth make this veggie-centric tagine with figs a great option for a vegetable-forward main dish. Try it over a mix of Lotus Foods forbidden rice and white rice.

moroccan vegetable tagine with figs

Vegetable Tagine with Figs

This tagine is chock full of vegetables—carrots and sweet potatoes, but also has chickpeas to up the ante of protein with tomatoes and spices. This tagine would also be great served over quinoa for an extra boost of protein.

chicken tagine with california figs

Chicken Tagine

Honey, lemon, and spices cook into chicken that is tender and softened carrots. This is comfort food best served over couscous.

So, tell us what to cook in a tagine — do you have other ideas?

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