Lavash Bread Recipes with Figs

Lavash bread crackers on a platter with golden figs, honey, marshmallow, and chocolate.

When it comes to lavash bread ideas there’s a lot to love! We’ve pulled together our favorite lavash bread recipes with our figs including lavash bread crackers and a simple dessert you’ll want S’MORE of.

Our Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Mission and Golden Dried Figs show their versatility when paired with lavash. You can crisp the lavash for a crunchy surface or roll them up for a slice and eat wrap. Snack on these lavash bread ideas with figs.

Lavash bread recipes: honey golden fig s'mores on lavash bread crackers with a bag of Sun-Maid golden figs.

Snack on These Lavash Bread Ideas with Figs

  • Unsalted nut butter with mission figs, maple syrup, flaky sea salt
  • Greek yogurt or labneh with sliced golden figs, honey, cinnamon, and toasted walnuts
  • Chocolate hazelnut spread with mission figs and shaved dark chocolate

Light Lunches or Appetizers: Lavash Bread Recipes

Salad pizza served up on lavash bread crackers with mission figs on a platter

Chef Joanne Weir’s Lavash Pizza with Figs

Whether you make Chef Joanne Weir’s lavash pizza with figs for a light lunch or as an appetizer, this will become one of your favorite lavash bread recipes for sunny summer days. First you crisp up the lavash to the point where the texture resembles lavash bread crackers. Then you top them with a freshly tossed salad full of chopped mission Orchard Choice or Sun-Maid figs, toasted nuts, and salty cheese. Easy.

Lavash Bread Recipes: Swap out the crackers for ones made from lavash. Then, top with alfredo sauce, figs, and bacon on a napkin with a glass of white wine in the background.

Fig, Bacon + Blue Cheese Lavash Appetizers

Top with thickened Alfredo sauce, crumbled bacon, funky blue cheese, and mission figs. These appetizers are another fun way to enjoy lavash crisped up to lavash bread crackers.

Smoked Salmon Pickled Fig Crisped Lavash Bread Crackers

Lox + Pickled Fig Flatbreads

Loaded everything bagels but better: Cut the lavash into long strips. Bake the soft lavash until stiff to the touch. Set aside. Then, spread on labneh or softened cream cheese. Tile on thinly sliced cucumbers, lox, and pickled figs just before serving. Optional: sprinkle on “everything spice” blend.

Lavash Bread Ideas: Golden fig s'mores on a plate

Golden Fig Honey S’mores on Crispy Lavash

Crispy lavash fig s’mores get all toasty in this classic campfire hand-held dessert that’s meant to enjoy at home.

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