January Fig Focus

Make Next Week Mediterranean

with Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Figs

The Mediterranean Diet is yet again in the news and for good reason, it’s built around legumes and whole grains, vegetables, and fruits like Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Figs. If eating healthier is one of your 2024 goals, consider the Mediterranean meal prep recipes for the week ahead.

A Week of Mediterranean Meal Prep

A graphic with information about salmon fig kebabs and a photo of a plate with rice and a salmon fig kebab on top as part of the Mediterranean meal prep series.
Infographic with details of the chicken marbella dish and a photo of a skillet filled with olives and figs and chicken.
Infographic of chopped Israeli salad with description and a photo of a bowl with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, figs, and feta.
Infographic with a description and photo of Mujaddara: white plate with lentils, rice, figs, and crispy shallots on top for Mediterranean meal prep.
Infographic with description and photo of green platter filled with baked chicken pieces with mission figs and lemon zest.
Infographic of mushroom veggie taco bowls with description and photo of a bowl of rice, black beans, tomatoes, figs, and slices of grilled mushrooms on top.
Infographic of stuffed zucchini and description of photo of a baking sheet with zucchini cut in half and filled with ground lamb, spices, and pine nuts for Mediterranean meal prep.

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