December Fig Focus

Christmas platter of dark chocolate panettone with figs

Holiday Baking with Figs—Festive Breads to Bake — Get a rise out of bread baking this holiday season. Whether you’re new to bread baking or a seasoned pro, we’ve got oodles of ideas for every skill level to keep your oven busy, baking with premium Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Mission and Golden Figs with Platinum Yeast from Red … Read More

November Fig Focus

Cinnamon star bread on a wire rack with a bag of Sun-Maid Golden Figs on the side.

Save on Your Favorite Figs Just in time for the holidays, stock up and save 25% on your favorite premium Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Figs* now. *Promotion ends 11/28 and applies to products only, not shipping or handling. Limit 1 offer per order. Use promo code: BlackFridayWeb Meet the Star (Bread) of Your Holidays A sparkling Golden Fig … Read More

Can Diabetics Eat Dried Figs?

by Mary Ellen Phipps, RDN Have you ever wondered, can diabetics eat dried figs? Year after year, one of the biggest myths in the diabetes world that just will not go away is that people with diabetes can’t eat fruit. And, especially dried fruit. BUT, this is just not true. So, can diabetics eat dried fruit? If you have diabetes … Read More

October Fig Focus

It's pizza night tonight! What makes this goat cheese pizza with figs and chicken unforgettable is the balance of savory ingredients with a balsamic drizzle!

Fall for Fig Pizza Night + Brew Fig Mead Taste the flavors of the season with Sun-Maid + Orchard Choice California Figs Fig Mead Honey, figs, wine, and yeast infuse into one big brew that’s easy to do at home. Whole Wheat Pizza with Feta, Figs + Honey Garlic-infused olive oil, sweet Golden Figs, basil, and briny feta with a … Read More

WFPB Nutrition: Dried Figs, Plant Based Fiber Superstar

Following a WFPB diet or eating style? Discover figs as a plant based fiber food with phytochemicals benefits and so much more.

California dried figs are a plant-based fiber superstar with a unique set of qualities that have earned them a high ranking in WFPB (whole food plant based) eating and plant-based pantries, including my own. This plump teardrop of a fruit houses a rich array of essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phytochemicals benefits that contribute to optimal … Read More

September Fig Focus Newsletter

Dinner, Solved Find fresh ideas for dinner featuring Orchard Choice& Sun-Maid California Dried Figs Be Our Dinner Guest Sometimes, let someone else cook. Be our guest— #WeirDiningatCopita. We’ve teamed up with California Fig fan, Chef Joanne Weir to invite you to be our guest at her restaurant, Copita in Sausalito, CA. One person will win a $150 gift certificate to … Read More

Figs and Blood Sugar: Get to Know the Glycemic Index of Figs

Knowing the glycemic index of figs helps you understand the correlation between figs and blood sugar. Learn more and find snack ideas.

It’s no secret that fruit, both fresh and frozen, can help provide key nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Dried figs are the perfect snack to incorporate into your diet for their nutritional benefits, but especially for their sweet taste. Learn more about figs and blood sugar, and the glycemic index of figs. California dried figs are a sweet and … Read More

Homemade Fig Snacks for the Whole Family

Snacking is a great way to transition between meals and keep yourself energized all day long, but sometimes it can seem like the ingredients are a bit suspect. Find oodles of fig snacks including fig bars and energy balls to introduce extra nutrition into your day. There’s something for everyone to satiate them when the craving for snacks attacks. Fig … Read More

August Fig Focus

Back to School Snacking PACK HEALTHY SNACKS FOR SCHOOL + SATISFY AFTERNOON CRAVINGS WITH CALIFORNIA DRIED FIGS Fiber Up with Fig Snacks Did you know each Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Fig has between 1-1.5 grams of fiber in it, depending on the size? When the snack attack hits, fiber will help you stay satisfied longer and aid digestion. … Read More

Brain Healthy Foods: How Dried Figs Are Good for Your Brain

The idea of brain healthy foods and how the foods we eat influence our brain health is a newer area of nutrition research. However, there’s growing evidence to suggest that not only do foods and nutrients play in the health of brain cells and their communication but potentially play a much bigger role than we ever thought!  The connection between … Read More

Lavash Bread Recipes with Figs

Lavash bread crackers on a platter with golden figs, honey, marshmallow, and chocolate.

When it comes to lavash bread ideas there’s a lot to love! We’ve pulled together our favorite lavash bread recipes with our figs including lavash bread crackers and a simple dessert you’ll want S’MORE of. Our Sun-Maid and Orchard Choice Mission and Golden Dried Figs show their versatility when paired with lavash. You can crisp the lavash for a crunchy … Read More

Get the Scoop on Fig Ice Cream

It’s national ice cream month and your favorite fruit is incredibly versatile when it comes to fig ice cream and fig sauce for ice cream. Find a fig ice cream recipe to suit your tastes below. Some of the recipes you’ll find chop up the figs as chewy bites mixed in ice cream. Other times, figs get infused into the … Read More

Dried Fig Nutrition: How Vitamin K and Calcium Duo in Figs for Healthy Bone Care

What does dried fig nutrition have to do with bone care? The calcium and vitamin K found in dried figs contributes to keeping strong healthy bones.

What do dried fig nutrition and bone care have in common? More than you may think! “Bones are hard and rigid”—a centuries-held assumption and myth. The reality is that bones are basically a living, growing and constantly changing tissue! Normally, we can’t feel what’s happening inside our bones, but bone mass, which is the amount of bone tissue in the … Read More

July Fig Focus

Grilling Season is Here Find Ideas for Incorporating California Dried Figs From cookouts to weeknight dinners spent outdoors, we’ve got all the fixings for what to grill or what to serve on the side to make summer sweet and savory with Orchard Choice and Sun-Maid California Dried Figs. Fig Barbecue Sauce Meet your new summer condiment. Fig barbecue sauce makes … Read More

Meal Prep Ideas for Eating Well Anytime

Have you tried garbanzo beans in chili? You'll love the twist on a classic. Moroccan spices & dried figs transform beef chili with chickpeas.

It’s never too late to learn how to menu plan. Our meal prep ideas make plotting out a full week of wholesome, meals easy and delicious. We’ve included a few tips that will bring these meal preparation ideas to life too. But this isn’t your typical meal prep guide where you spend an entire day cooking for the week ahead—we … Read More